Sunday, July 26, 2015

My Favorite Place at Home to Knit During the Summer

Hot weather or not, I like the wicker chaise and the sounds of nature to inspire when I'm  knitting.

 It's peaceful.

It's soothing.

I like to spread out on the wicker chaise with fresh cushions and comfy pillows with the fan going on the back porch.

 It's my form of meditation.

A cup of tea from Teavana is always by my side out here. My favorite is Orange Blossom and Youth Berry mixed. It's a white tea and fruit base that is heavenly.

It's about 89 degrees, but definite high humidity today. The weather man says in low 90's but real feel is 103 F. The shady area on the side of the mountain is always a bit cooler.

I haven't made as much progress as I would have liked this week, but........hey, I've put in at least a couple of rows a night this week. Still on the stockinette top part of the shawl.

When blocked I hope it uncurls and looks more like this one. 

It doesn't hurt to smell something grilling and having good conversation.
Just chillin' while grillin'
I don't get much time for this but when I do, it makes me appreciate it more.

This pattern is free on Ravelry. See my previous blog post for materials and name, etc. It's basically a top down shawl.
The yarn is knitting like butter. It's smooth, soft, and such a pretty colorway.

I have 2 caked-up skeins for this one.

 I'm really enjoying my project bag I got from Cozy Crafting, an Etsy shop online.

She also has a sweet vlogcast on You Tube.

It's perfect with an arm strap to carry with me anywhere so I can have knitting on the go.
She has alot of bags and they are well made and lined inside. It will hold 2 large cakes of yarn, notions, and pattern. It was a bit on the smaller side than I thought but I love the Summer pattern of fabric. So tempted to get one for Fall.

This little birdie measure came from Bumbleberry's in Clarkesville, Georgia. It's a sweet addition to my notions this week. 

See ya'll later. The hot dogs, lemonade and oven baked beans are ready!

Hope you are staying cool!!!


Sunday, July 19, 2015

Morning Progress Day 2--Knitting Shawl Kaihola by Heidi Alander


I usually have hardly any time to really dig into a project in one day but this is my progress so far. 
One thing I need to let you know is the color is off pretty bad here. These pics are by my Apple Ipad mini. The color is better represented like a cornflower blue in person. get the drift...........

I'm still working top down on this pattern for the "body" section which is stockinette and edging special stitches to make it hopefully openwork when blocked.

This shawl is curling like a hot mess. One thing about stockinette that we have to embrace :)

I made a huge mistake last night and because I didn't have a lifeline, I incorporated it into the pattern.  

Doesn't look bad at all. I'm enjoying this alot. 

This looks like the bottom of the shawl but it's actually the top.

I've enjoyed learning the KYOK

That ridge row is a mistake but I just went with it. It actually adds some character and I might put another in after another repeat.

As stockinette is known for, it's curling like a hot mess right now.

But this yarn is like butter I  tell you.......butter.
The hand-dyed colorway is gorgeous.

You can read my previous post for info on brand and colorway. I only wish I had got more than 2 large skeins because I want to add xtra rows to make it bigger in the body section which is an option in the pattern. 

I haven't got near the lace charts yet.  I have another repeat at least of the body section. The lace charts will be the challenging part as this will be my first project from reading charts. 

My knitting friend who is a master knitter has confidence in me she said that I will be able to do it.

I love the edging this makes. This is actually the top edging of the shawl when finished.

The fabric is heavenly soft. I think it will add quite a few inches when blocked.

I will say I miss knitting with Addi lace ROCKETS. Those have much more pointed tips and seemed easier but this is what my LYS had Addi lace so I'm going with it!

Hope you are enjoying this Sunday! I'm resting up for another very busy week of work. 

Knitting and listening to music recharge my soul.

Stay safe and cool,

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Kaihola Shawl --New Start

I have some yarn in my stash that is luscious and yummy from my Washington DC trip and my visit to Looped Yarnworks. I held it like a treasure for a while and found the shawl I wanted to use this for on Ravelry. It is a free pattern named Kaihola by Heidi Alander

Last night late, I actually started ----and this morning I frogged it out because I was learning a new stitch that is in this pattern and with the help of You Tube I restarted and properly stitched it right.

Made a world of difference to have the set up rows right. 
I learned the KYOK.

The pattern also calls for Knit, Purl, Yarn over, KYOK, and KFb

I am using # 9 needles Addi Lace my tension is usually tight.
This is working perfectly!

You cast on 8 stitches. Then the first set up row will result in 11 stitches.

Then you start on the stockinette part with lace edge for the top down and this is actually the start of the body of the shawl. 

My goal for this pattern was to try to learn to read charts instead of written instructions. 
I've shyed away from that but with this pattern when I get to the the 4 charts that are pretty short, I think it will be a good pattern to practice with. 

The beautiful colorway and yarn was pricey, much-so, but a splurge so I want to make sure I get every stitch right!
I think I have enough yardage as I have 2 skeins of it; however, I've thought about increasing the body part (this is an option) to make a larger one and then knitting the wide lace section in another colorway that blends well. 

Brand is Anzula
luxury fibers
hand dyed yarn

DK weight and 80% superwash merino, 10% cashmere and 10% nylon

colorway is Seabreeze.

The label states you can machine wash cold, gentle cycle (I would hand wash all my knits). and lay flat to dry. 

you can find more information if you like this at

I'm really enjoying this morning early as I woke at 7am and started in on this for a couple of hours before chores today.

If you knit, do you prefer charts or written instructions?

I hope you are enjoying a beautiful Saturday. It's so nice to get a day off!!!

Abbie has a talent of stacking pillows and pulling blankets to her choosing. I think she is ready for a good morning nap after her usual morning treat.  I just shampooed her and put a coconut rinse on her. Her hair is SO thick! I blow dry her after ward but she wanted to dry the rest by itself and it's got to be brushed. 
She is a serious pillow-stacker. 

Till later,


Sunday, June 28, 2015

A New Summertime Sampler Freebie, Abbie, and Starting a New Blog

Good Sunday morning, ya'll!  I started after much thought, a new blog on aging and skin care. I really want to incorporate some fun and facts which include any subject for women about aging, not just skin care and body care but also topics to help through this lifetime process we all take. I hope to utilize my experience as a women's health nurse practitioner to also share some late research on the subject, do product reviews as well.

Join me as I start conversations about positive attitudes, encouragement, some latest research about aging, skin care and beauty, exercise, healthcare, and anything pertaining to going through the aging process.

You can find it here.   The name is Aging Gracefully and Skin Care. I named it in part and honor of my grandmother Grace who left this life way to early at age 57 and who was everything I want to be in positive aging.

I have just posted a welcome note but plan to post something really soon!!

For your enjoyment, I designed a cross stitch summer piece. I hope you enjoy!

Summertime and Patience

copyright 2015

designed by Feathers in the Nest

Colors and linen of choice. 

just click on the pattern and if this does not work to make it larger, let me know so I can try to correct it. If you do stitch it up, please share with me, so I can put on the blog or just for encouragment. I have not stitched a model of this one up yet.

I picked the yellows/golds and greens just as preference. I love to watch the yellow butterflies around the homestead here. This summer definitely has challenged my patience, or should I say grown more patience.

On the homefront, I've been super busy at work, and finishing up a forensic examiner class. BUT!
I did bind off on my shawl and when I get my Ipad camera rolling this afternoon will include a picture of it. I really, really like it!  And last night here in the mountains was the perfect night to use it while on the porch. It turned really cool, much cooler than last week.

This is probably the hottest June I've ever seen in the past 14 years I've lived here. But no complaints because I love each season for just what it is and the cool summer nights and warm days with longer daylight, I love the most.

Speaking of Miss Abbie....................

Abbie has a hard life. No honestly, she loves this old pillow I was going to throw out. It was a 6.00 one from Walmart and had seen it's last day for me but she claimed it by the front door before I could carry to the trash. She is in serious yoga mode here.

While this spoiled one here pushes herself to get inside my robe, I just had to take a quick pic of her, so I opened up the side of the robe to show you that she must have part kangaroo in her. She loves to hang on in the pouch part of the robe. Silly Girl!

She loves her back rubs.

She now has Minties added to her diet, which are small bones that are green and replaces brushing her teeth,  guarenteeing to remove plague and good for her teeth. The doctor said she had plague so now at 830pm at night, my DH tells her it's time  "to brush her teeth" and she runs over where we give her this mint thing and she eats it in 3 minutes and loves them. I really didn't think she would eat them but then again, she has eaten an EOS lip balm in Strawberry Mint by mistake so it didn't surpise me. You can get these by weight of your dog, at Walmart.

Have a great peaceful Sunday,


Saturday, June 13, 2015

A Needlepoint Notions Case--A Wise Choice!

Awhile back, I looked through Etsy for the cutest notion cases to put in my project bags and while I have quite a few WIP's going at the same time and the ability to stock another one, or two, I found this very cute needepoint kit in one of my LYS. 

After gazing at all the colorways, textures, etc of the beautiful yarns, I just mentioned if she had any little cases. She had one displayed, already finished, and it was stinkin' cute!

I love owls, or so I have come to love them lately, and just wanted to show you a little project.

A good friend of mine this year said something to me about life in general as we talked and it has stuck with me alot. 

"Be gentle as a dove, and wise as an owl". 

True wisdom.

I haven't stitched needlepoint in years. I'm talking 40 probably.

She convinced me this would be easy.

I'm pretty much analytical so I have a little trouble deciding on the color thread to use when the corner has two colors or they overlap. However, I'm going to give it a go.

The back of the pouch is a muted light blue, very pretty.

It's a zippered pouch, just what I like to keep my notions in place.

Yup. Last time I completed a needlepoint project was with my best friend in middle school when bell bottom jeans and green shag carpet at home were popular.

Let's hope my eyes will get me through this project. I think it will be fun though.

Methinks it's time for a cup of hot mint tea and a good book before bedtime. I've been really resting up from a long week and getting ready for a new one soon. 

I hope your weekend is going well and it finds you happy and healthy!

Speaking of sweetness, I took this picture of Miss Abigail while I was talking sweet to her and she puts her ears down when I do that and wags her tail really fast.  She is so funny. And smart too.

She sends her love out to all over the world tonight!!!